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Bonnie is amazing. She is so beautiful inside and out and has taught me so much about my voice and myself as well. Love her! -Kiana

Bonnie is seriously the best voice teacher I’ve ever had and is pretty much the best overall! I've had previous teachers who just didn’t explain things well, didn’t make me feel very comfortable, and as a result I progressed very slowly. Bonnie, instantly made me feel comfortable; she’s a very positive teacher. She really has an ear for detecting what is preventing you from singing your best and helps you build steps towards correcting the issue.

I’ve grown so much in just a couple of sessions versus months with other teachers. Bonnie explains everything clearly and concisely; I’ve never had a voice teacher explain things so well. She is really invested in your growth and always focuses on your progress. Bonnie is a fantastic voice teacher and I would recommend her to everyone! -Shela Maung

Bonnie is a talented and caring teacher, highly recommended! -Patty

Kuljeet (Bonnie) is an absolutely gifted teacher. She brings a unique blend of sweetness, patience insight, humor, and honesty to her teaching. Our sessions are a fascinating exploration of technique and the equally important emotional storytelling of singing. Our voice is a crucial tool and Kuljeet has helped me realize a greater awareness, depth, and breadth of expression in all areas of my life. -Joanie M.

“I’m an actor new to singing and Bonnie created a fun and warm learning environment for me to experiment and explore this new craft in. She skillfully translated her lifetime of proficient voice work into a language that my novice, actor brain could readily grasp…and passionately run with singing through the hills! I left feeling challenged, yet quite confident in my ability to grow.” -Julian V.

Bonnie shares her technical expertise with compassion and joy to create a safe, nurturing environment. As a Kundalini Yoga instructor, she is helping me refine my voice skills to powerfully project in class. So grateful for her assistance! -NK

"I highly recommend Kuljeet (Bonnie) for anything that has to do with your voice. From speaking to belting out a show tune she is able to help you find your unique, special voice. She uses many different approaches to get you to this confident, sweet place. We used yoga and breathing techniques during my session. I could feel it opened up a few places in me where I was holding back from letting my true voice come out. She holds a comfortable, relaxed, and fun space for you to feel safe and let your spirit sing without fear holding you back" -- Jagatpal Singh (Donavon Cox)

Just had my first voice lesson with Bonnie Kuljeet LaVallo at Breath of Life Studios and I feel AMAZING, UPLIFTED and EMBRACED! I am so excited to finally heal through my voice! it was totally wonderful! There are not words enough to express how much it meant to me...can't wait til next week!!! -Mary

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